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Why Doctor? The name tells it all…

Traian Arbor Health Clinic NJ

The name tells it all. I find that it is not possible to effect any enduring positive changes unless I teach the patient, in the spirit of the famous Chinese doctor Sun Si-miao “First adjust the diet and lifestyle and only secondarily give herbs and acupuncture”, meaning that any cure is due only 30 percent to medical treatment and 70 percent to nursing, i.e. lifestyle.

Teaching, with its natural implications, should be humble and based on kindness and benevolence as an emanation of the Spirit residing deep in our HEARTS, our most trustful navigation compass.

Why Functional and Biological Medicine?

Traian Arbor Health Clinic NJ
Functional Medicine recognizes the intimate interrelation between different body systems and the fact that the ultimate manifestation of disease is just an end point of a multitude of miss-steps in the timeline of life. The mindful doctor, like a detective, would backtrack those steps and try to get to the root problem, correct it if possible, and encourage the body’s innate healing potential.

Biological Medicine takes into account the fact that the Human Body is an Ecosystem with a complex and structured inner environmentinner terrain or extracellular space – which dictates ultimately how the body responds to different internal and external challenges. Interestingly, western science discovered only in 2018, this organ called INTERSTITIUM, the largest inner organ, previously unknown. Only by understanding the status of this internal terrain, as it hosts both the immune and autonomic nervous system, can we intervene safely to bring balance and restoration.

Why Ancient Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda?

Traian Arbor Health Clinic NJ

Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, in its millennial wisdom, understands that the Human Microcosm is just a reflection of the Macrocosm, and that between the Universal Cosmic Forces of Nature and Human Body there is an indestructible bridge of unity through the trinity path of BODY, MIND & SPIRIT. Modern science, although not able to completely explain it, is slowly coming to understand the primary energetic nature of these healing arts.